In 2015 the Kansas State Board of Education under the leadership of Kansas Commissioner Dr. Randy Watson developed the Kansans Can Vision. This vision states that "Kansas Will Lead The World In The Success Of Each Student!"  With the goal of moving from the current percentage of students successfully completing a postsecondary program (45%) to the percentage necessary to fill the demands of the workplace (70%-75%) by 2026.

The Kansas Virtual College has been created to help achieve this goal and is a collection of classes that Kansas Technical Colleges, Kansas Community Colleges, and Kansas Trade Schools currently offer virtually and will lead to the successful completion of programs leading to four year degrees, two year degrees, industry certifications, military experience, or high paying jobs.

As Kansas High School students become more aware of the opportunity to take college courses to satisfy their Individual Plans of Study (IPS) the number of courses will grow accordingly, expanding the opportunities for Kansas students.